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The sequential multi-attendance queueing system is the perfect solution for shops and supermarkets that want to take government recommendations on imposed social distancing because of the Covid-19 virus seriously.

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The security guard can check tickets

By using the solution you ensure that your store becomes a role model while also making it as comfortable as possible for clients who need to come in and purchase necessities

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Reducing Contact & Relieving Queues

The problem today for supermarkets, pharmacies and most kind of stores across the world is that customers arrive at any point in the day, and often have to stand in long waiting lines for an unknown length of time. They have no indication of how long they will queue for, or how long the shopping trip will take. At the same time, the usual busy periods still apply for those who are working from home, older and more vulnerable groups might need a separate time to complete their shopping, and curfews and restricted movement mean that customers only have a short time to shop. These issues are very inconvenient for the customers who suffer from poor service and the retailers that have to enforce these measures.

The problem

Sequential Multi-Attendance Queueing has created a Sequential Multi-Attendance queueing system that allows customers to book a suitable time-slot. Clients will love knowing they have secured a time-slot and won’t have to wait in line, or worse, drive around different stores to find the shortest queue. All you need to do is to add a “Book” button in your client app, on your website and even on your social media platform so that clients can easily find where to book.

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How Does It Work?

The store determines the customer capacity and flow, and how many people can be in the store at once. This figure allows the store to determine how many people can book into a single time-slot, minus the number of staff. The store also determines the length of a time-slot based on average time it takes shoppers to shop.

  • Book a meeting

    with our Account Manager

  • Planning Process

    Decide on groups sizes, time slots etc

  • System setup

    according to plan

  • Booking Button

    Add a Booking button to your app, website and social media platforms

  • Roll out

    to pilot stories

  • Full roll out

    Everybody can book

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Add a Simple Booking Widget

You add a booking widget to the store’s main website; this is where clients can book their suitable time-slot for going to the store, while still safely at home. On confirming a time-slot, the customer will receive a ticket that they can either print or keep on their smartphones that they can present at the store. Just as importantly, the customers will receive a reminder to let them know their shopping slot is upcoming so they aren’t late. When they arrive, they will bypass the queue of customers who didn’t book a slot online, show their ticket or mobile screen to the door staff controlling entry, who will scan and validate it with a mobile device, and enter the store. No touching necessary.

Rapid queue reduction

If there is room for more people to enter the store, the waiting line of clients that did not book a slot to enter, can enter to fill up the store. This line is due to get shorter very quickly as clients will start to appreciate being able to arrive at a convenient time, knowing that they will be able to quickly enter the store.

Queue image Queue image

Book a slot for fixed time online

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Comfort and safety of your clients

Do you care about your clients?

We know you do. We know that you’re working every day to meet the needs of your customers. Any store that wants to maximise client safety and service during times of social distancing must consider using the Sequential Multi-Attendance queueing system. If you value the comfort and safety of your clients, please book a time with us as soon as possible, and we’ll get you up and running in a short time.

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What is the Sequential Multi-Attendance
queueing system ?

Sequential Multi-Attendance queueing is a system with which you can define slots throughout the working day and allocate the maximum number of people who can enter the premises during a defined slot. For supermarkets and larger stores, this type of queueing system is the only viable option that makes good business sense. Not only can you offer your customers a better service, you can also better organise staff distribution in stores, and create better shelf restocking procedures, according to client load and flow.

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