Accept payments offers integration with a wide range of payment processors. You can select your favorite processor and apply this processor to your system without any programming knowledge. Fancy bitcoins? You can allow your clients to select between more than one processor and one of them could be bitcoins! It is a fact that you will save both time and money by accepting payments upon booking.

No matter where you are based, we offer payment processing to users all around the world with the help of tens of preferred payment processing partners.

Wide Range of Payment Processors

Payment and Deposit Management

Manage your business like a pro and accept deposits and payments during your client booking process. Your clients can both pay for your services, add-ons to your services and products that they might want to buy upon booking. When the client turns up, everything is paid for and you can focus on just nurturing that client. With you can manage your service and membership payments, sell products and concentrate on running your business well.

Secure payments

You can trust us for your payment processing because never stores any credit card information on servers and all payments are processed by external and secure PCI DSS compliant parties such as CardConnect, Stripe, PayFort, Mollie, Borgun and many more. When we process recurring payments on your behalf, we only store a payment token on our servers which is useless for anyone who would manage to break into the system. This means that your client’s credit cards are as safe as it get’s, the credit card data remains confidential and potential risk is limited to only the payment processor you select.

No Extra Commission does not charge anything on top of whatever deal you may have with your payment processor. This means that there will be no additional surprise fees for you nor your clients.

Easy to set up your business

Easy for your clients to book