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Is your health laboratory, clinic or pharmacy providing COVID-2019 testing? wants to help!

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The coronavirus has no passport!

No matter who we are, where we are from, what we do, or which faith we follow - We all have to stand together, join forces and help in every way we can to reduce the speed of the coronavirus spreading.

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COVID-19 Car Pool Testing

Is your clinic or company offering car based COVID-19 testing?

With you can properly organise your testing efforts and offer appointment based testing. Define how many cars can come during a given period and let your clients book a time slot online. They then receive a ticket that can be quickly scanned upon their arrival. This helps your center to keep the visits organised, not overloaded and enables you to provide a better overall experience for potentially ill people.

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Why should I use a booking system?

The main advantage for medical centres using a booking system like is that they can schedule patients for testing, with comfortable buffer times between appointments; avoiding people meeting others that could potentially be infected.

Patients can book single appointments or come as a group with family members for testing, in which case the appointment can be extended.

The Sequential Multi-Attendance queueing system for your store

Easy tool to provide your clients the best service at these hard times!

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Sequential queueing system image Queueing app is a perfect solution for shops and supermarkets that want to apply social distancing because of the Covid-19 and in the same time spare their clients from standing in long waiting lines.

How does it work?

Your customers book an arrival time in your app, on your website or on your social media profiles and receive a ticket that they can either print or keep on their smartphones. Once they arrive to your store, on scheduled time, they show their ticket to the door staff and enter the store.

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