Can I integrate with my website, Facebook or Instagram?

Yes. You can add an iFrame or button widget and allow clients to book online right from your website. On top of that you can add a “Book Now” button on your Facebook page or Instagram profile. At last we do have Wordpress and Joomla plugins. Find instructions and tutorials here.

Do you have an app, and is it mobile responsive?

All of our websites, both for you and your clients, are fully mobile responsive. We also have Android and iOS admin apps. In the admin app, you can see your booking calendar, upcoming bookings, recently booked appointments, see client list, create, edit & cancel bookings and more quickly and efficiently.

Can I sync my agenda with Google calendar?

Yes. We offer 2-way synchronization with Google Calendar as part of our custom features. You can export bookings from to Google Calendar and also import events from Google Calendar to to block those times. Learn more here.

Can I set specific schedule for my services, not regular one?

Yes. Our system offers flexible time settings where you can create both a weekly availability and a date-by-date schedule. Learn more about time settings here. You can also create events for specific dates and set the number of people who can come to that event. See instructions on how to create events here.

Can I accept payments online?

With the help of Accept Payments custom feature you can accept payments and deposits from clients via PayPal, STRIPE, Bitcoins, Zooz and Dwolla. See instructions how to configure payments here.

What are custom features and why should I use them?

Custom Features are additional functionalities of which you can select to allow for more advanced management of your bookings. For example:

  • Syncing service providers’ accounts to Google calendar
  • Requesting more information during the booking process using intake forms
  • Accepting payments online
  • Enabling group bookings
  • Organizing services by categories
  • Managing bookings for multiple locations

Click here to see all the advanced features has to offer!

Can my employees have admin access to the system?

Yes. You decide who has access to the system, and how much access they have by setting their access level. There are 4 access levels:

  • Admin Access Level can see and manage all bookings, company settings, and providers/services schedule
  • Access Level 1 can see all bookings and edit the schedule for all service providers
  • Access Level 2 can manage only their own schedule
  • Access Level 3 can see the bookings but cannot make any changes

Learn more about admin users and access levels here.

Is there a limit on the number of services and providers I can have in the system?

Nope! There is absolutely no limit for services and providers in the system. Create as many as your business needs!

Can I offer group bookings?

You can offer both group services and individual ones with our booking system. Each provider has a number of people they can serve at once and if you want clients to book in groups, just activate Group Bookings custom feature and set max number of people in a group. More info here.

Do you have promotion system?

Yes! We offer a great promotion system that lets you not only create discount codes, but also enables you to reward your clients for sharing your promotion. See how to benefit from the promotion system here.

Do I get my own website?

But of course you do! With website builder you get an awesome, customizable, and fully functional booking website! Add your instagram photos, create extra content pages, include links to other sites, adjust the design to your branding and use your booking website as your ONE and ONLY website.

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